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risk more to change your life

performance and mindset coaching


MASTER self-doubt.



With performance mindset coaching and hypnotherapy.


By facing and dealing with the daily mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers

blocking your success and clarity of purpose.

Using systems and methods developed over 9 years

coaching 900+ clients to control stress, master the moment, and

summon success, inspiration, creativity, and clarity of purpose.

So you can progress your life and career at a new level of energy, happiness, and freedom.

These are the same systems and methods for learning The Artist Mindset that Luther has taught to CEOs of 7 and 8-figure companies, major-label and JUNO award-winning Artists,

world-champion athletes, sales people, entrepreneurs, and content creators.


1 on 1 coaching


master the moment

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Energize and entertain your organization with a  talk or seminar. Luther's events are notoriously high-energy, spontaneous, and challenging. Working directly with (and in) the audience, Luther teaches how to control stress and overthinking using the same performance methods he has used to teach some of the world's best music Artists.      

MASTER momentum.

summon consistent creativity and inspiration

Make a drastic transformation in your life and work with private coaching.

Luther will help you destroy the barriers you're facing, control your stress, come back

to clarity and presence, and start progressing faster in your life and work. 

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success stories from clients

As an artist performance coach, my clients range from major label, independent, and touring artists to juno award
and polaris prize winners. Hear from my artist clients..


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This is my favorite TEDx Talk about risking more to overcome the inner critic and connect with deeply with your audience, clients, friends and family.



Luther Mallory is a renowned Performance Mindset Coach who trains people in high-stress, high-pressure work and life situations to control obsessive judgment and over-thinking using the same skills as an artist on stage.


His performance mindset coaching method leverages stage psychology, guided meditation, performance, and hypnotherapy to break down the fear wall, stop obsessive over-thinking and judgment, and summon the peak performance state we call “the moment” allowing you to operate at full energy every day towards your goals.

"I got my start coaching Artists and performers because I spent 10 years on tour in a band, sleeping in a van with 6 guys in the West Edmonton Mall parking lot in Canadian January. I played 1000 shows across North America, had some hit songs, and developed methods to deal with the pressure, nerves, stress, over-thinking, and obsessive judgment so I could perform at my best on stage. Then, I started teaching the methods to sales people, executives, and high-achievers and it made a dramatic difference in how they performed in their work and in their lives.

I can teach you how to combat stress and perform at max energy by rooting into the moment, and out of overthinking and judgment. It's the work I've done with almost 1000 clients over 9 years."

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The SoTA Podcast unpacks the behaviour of performers and discusses our secret emotional struggles with fear, depression, overwhelm, self-doubt, unworthiness, and over-thinking.


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