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Performance Coaching For Performing Artists

Almost every Performing Artist gets trapped in over-thinking and obsessive judgment on stage, losing the connection to their art and the audience.


Destroy The Stage is Luther Mallory's wild-energy, transformational, 2-hour performance coaching seminar focused on helping Performing Artists overcome the mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that cause loss of connection.

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Performance Coaching For Business Professionals

Energize and entertain your conference with a completely unique Keynote. Luther helps companies and organizations equip their employees with rockstar-level stage presence. Stage presence is the skill of commanding attention and influencing an audience. This is the master skill of great Artists and it’s often untapped in the world of business. Whether it’s leading team meetings, communicating with co-workers and clients, prospecting, pitching, selling, managing teams or conducting presentations, we are constantly presenting ourselves to others. Luther teaches the expressive stage skills of voice, movement, story telling, audience engagement, and focus to unlock self-expression. This is how we summon the peak performance state Artists refer to as “The Moment”.  Luther uses the same performance methods he has used to coach some of the world's best Music Artists.

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