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Step inside Luther Mallory’s Artist Performance Community where Artists and Musicians unite to refine their craft and unlock their fearless self-expression both on stage and in their lives.  Our online community is dedicated to providing a supportive space for musicians of all genres and levels to enhance their performance skills while gaining friends, receiving community feedback, advice, tips and support. Artists supporting Artists is what this community is all about.

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luther has been helping artists access and reclaim their fearless self-expression on stage for over a decade.

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luther has worked with

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"A big part of my work in performance and self-expression is reminding people that they are amazing even if they have forgotten this. My TEDx Talk is a reminder to be fearless in your self-expression because it makes you an Artist.


Everyone is an Artist when they choose to share and risk rejection for the chance at connection" - Luther Mallory | Live Music Performance Coach | Entrepreneur | Artist | Keynote Speaker

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About luther

What I show Business Professionals is how to root into the moment to control overthinking and overwhelm when performing. It's the work I've done with 1000+ Artists and Performers over the last 10 years for the acclaimed JUNO Masterclass, CMI's Artist Entrepreneur Program, in private rehearsals across the continent, and virtually across the world.


I got my start coaching Artists and Performers because I spent 10 years on tour in a band, sleeping in a van with 6 other guys in the West Edmonton Mall parking lot in Canadian January. I played 1000 shows across North America and developed performance methods to deal with the mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that kept me trapped in overthinking and obsessive judgment on stage, instead of in the moment with the audience and connected to my art. Then I started teaching my methods to other Artists and it made a dramatic difference in how they felt on stage and how they connected with their audiences. After years of working with Artists, I brought these skills over to the world of business. Being an entrepreneur and business owner, I've seen so many professionals struggle with accessing who they are and being conflicted about how to present themselves in the corporate world. 

My Keynote Talks are  my opportunity to show Business Professionals the skills I've taught to world-class Performers for a decade, and to do it while challenging the audience, and myself, to take risks, get on stage or stand up in your seat, and show us your fearless self-expression.

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success stories from artists

From major label, independent, and touring  Artists to

Juno Award and Polaris Prize winners, hear from Luther's Artist clients.

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The SoTA Podcast unpacks the behaviour of artists and performers and discusses our secret emotional struggle with fear, depression, overwhelm, self-doubt, unworthiness, and over-thinking.


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