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luther mallory

Artist.   Speaker.   Self-expression and Performance coach


This is my favorite TEDx Talk. Part of my work in self-expression is reminding people that they are amazing... and may have forgotten about that.
This talk is a reminder to be fearless in your self-expression - it makes you an artist

"Everyone is an artist when they choose to share, and risk rejection
for the chance at connection." - Luth

"Everyone is an artist when they choose to share, and risk rejection
for the chance at connection." - Luth

Speaking Topics

MAKE YOUR CONFERENCE INTO A PERFORMANCE In 2023 and watch your audience do things they did not realize they were capable of doing by tapping into the same skills of self-expression and performance Luther has

taught to some of the world's greatest artists and stage performers


risktaker - unlocking courage

"The more you share who you are with people, the faster they get to decide if they trust you."

The main element that connects business and live music performance is the ability world-class artists have to express themselves in front of people without allowing fear of judgment to limit their potential.


Luther has spent his entire life performing as an artist, a self-expression and performance coach, and as a speaker, teaching audiences how to unlock their own fearless self-expression so they can take career-changing action. Everyone is an artist when they live in their fearless self-expression on stage, in their careers, and in life.


Risktaker is a high-energy, totally audience-focused, performance-based talk using music and performance to teach the audience how to build the courage to stand out by using the expressive master-skill of risk.

"I've never seen an entire audience of non-musicians sing a Phil Collins song together at a business conference.

That was wild." - Len Davies, DTS Toronto 2020


the art of persona shaping

"Most people believe they are boring if they haven't figured out why they are interesting."

In an over-saturated market, in a world where AI is writing flawless copy, proposals, and scripts - The only way to command attention and make yourself stand out is by mastering art of "persona shaping". This is the skill of presenting yourself so people remember you. You do this by amplifying your most unique and authentic qualities.


Persona shaping is the master-skill of the world’s best artists and stage performers, yet it's almost completely untapped in the world of business. Luther will challenge the audience to identify their own unique qualities and then take the risk of expressing and amplifying them live on the conference stage.

"I had never considered accenting my stronger qualities to differentiate myself. This changes how I pitch to clients and communicate in general." - Jan Cleary, MYK Chigaco 2022

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