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book luth for the following 3 day performance coaching package

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offer type : export artist performance masterclass + 2-hour performance coaching show

time required : 3 days in person, 1 day online

day 1 and 2

EXPORT ARTIST PERFORMANCE MASTERCLASS is 2 days of in-person, intensive, group performance training for up to 8 selected artists to level up to an export-ready show that entices buyers, and connects with fans. 

The group approach allows each artist to both develop and help the others develop an undeniable performance. Artists leave with a new understanding of how to build and design an performance that grabs and keeps attention, and a new standard for what it takes to deliver a truly pro-level performance.

day 3

DESTROY THE STAGE is an in-person, 2-hour live performance coaching event offered to your wider membership or community of artists. It's a show, not a seminar. 

DTS is a live performance coaching show like you've never seen. Meant to feel like a live concert, Luther brings insane energy and spends most of the event in the audience challenging artists to take risks and pulling artists on stage to workshop with on the spot. We've seen guided meditation choirs and group sing-a-longs of 'In The Air Tonight' at DTS events. Artists will leave having challenged themselves to fear less, and risk more while wielding brand new knowledge of the performance skills needed to impact and connect with the art, and the audience. 

Cost : $5000+tx and travel/accomodation

note : our team can handle design and marketing elements if agreed upon

"his specific approach to stage psychology will have a lasting impact on these Artists."

- Allan Reid
Caras / JUNO Awards / Musicounts

"it felt really real and it translated in my live performances"

- Haviah Mighty
Toronto Artist
and Polaris Winner

"we saw the transformations right in front of our eyes."

- Vel Omazic
Canada's Music Incubator

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Comeback Year is an emotional recovery program designed to help students access
and reclaim their fearless self-expression when feeling suffocated and disconnected.

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