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the transformational live performance
coaching experience
 artists need in 2023

stage. stream. studio. LIVE PERFORMANCE is about risk. THESE ARE THE SKILLS


"one of the most impactful
experiences of our career"

- The Doll Sisters
Edmonton Artist

"we saw the transformations right in front of our eyes."

- Vel Omazic
Canada's Music Incubator

"it felt really real and it translated in my live performances"

- Haviah Mighty
Toronto Artist
and Polaris Winner

"ever since we did it we've felt a huge change in how we perform"

- Nice Horse
Alberta Country Band


"his specific approach to stage psychology will have a lasting impact on these Artists."

- Allan Reid
Caras / JUNO Awards / Musicounts

"It will literally change your life"

- Carolina East
Newfoundland Artist




Like you, I work with artists every day, and what I see in 2022 is a generation of artists feeling defeated, depressed and anxious because they aren't making career progress. It feels like a mental health crisis in our industry. Artists feel stuck.

Destroy The Stage is a live performance coaching experience for artists like you've never seen.

In the past, performance coaching events have been banquet hall seminars with a stage, and a performer, and a coach telling them when to jump-kick to make their show razzle dazzle..

Destroy The Stage is not about choreography. 

Almost every performer gets totally trapped in overthinking and obsessive judgment on stage, losing the connection to the art and the audience. 

DTS is Luther Mallory's wild-energy, transformational, 2-hour performance coaching show focused on helping artists overcome the mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that cause that loss of connection. 

Controlling the mind and staying connected is a learnable skill. We've witnessed hundreds of artists over a decade of coaching root into moment, let go of fear and judgment, risk more, and reconnect in an instant using the methods artists will learn at DTS. 

It's not a workshop, it's a show. Performance skills taught within a performance, in a club, with a liquor license, on a Saturday. Experience the connection.  


Image by Kai Kuczera

success stories from artists

from major label, independent, and touring artists to juno award
and polaris prize winners, hear from luther's artist clients..


Image by Yvette de Wit

a talk about risking more and overcoming the inner critic to connect in life from the Tedx Stage.



"I got my start coaching Artists and performers because I spent 10 years on tour in a band, sleeping in a van with 6 guys in the West Edmonton Mall parking lot in Canadian January. I played 1000 shows across North America, had some hit songs, and developed methods to deal with the pressure, nerves, stress, over-thinking, and obsessive judgment so I could perform at my best on stage. Then, I started teaching the methods to other Artists and it made a dramatic difference in how they felt on stage.

What I show Artists is how to root into the moment, get out of overthinking and overwhelm, and summon creativity and inspiration on command. It's the work I've done with almost 1000 Artists and high-performers over the last 9 years for the JUNO Masterclass, CMI's Artist Entrepreneur Program, in private rehearsals across the country, and virtually across the world."

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The SoTA Podcast unpacks Artist behaviour and discusses the secret emotional struggle of the Artist with fear, depression, overwhelm, self-doubt, unworthiness, and over-thinking.


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reach out directly to luth 

647 999 8137

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